Remote Scanning & Client miHealth FAQ

Welcome to a list of frequently asked questions regarding the new remote scanning functionality and client miHealth device.
Q. What is remote scanning and why should I use it?
A. NES Health understands that your clients are not always able to attend your clinic due to their wellness levels or distances involved. Remote scanning allows your client to create a NES scan from their home computer (or any computer with an Internet connection), send the scan to you for you to analyse and recommend relevant Infoceutical or miHealth protocols. Remote scanning also means that as a practitioner, you are no longer restricted to helping people in your local area. Your clinic can now reach the entire globe.Q. As a practitioner, what do I need to be able to receive remote scans from my clients?
A. All you need to receive remote scans is the latest version of NES ProVision (version 4) and an Internet connection. You will also need to be able to access your account on the NES Health Portal ( to add your clients. There is a link to reset your password if you have forgotten it. 

Q. What will be clients need to be able to do a NES Health scan at home?
A. Your clients will need either a new NES Scanner (white) or a NES miHealth (both of these can be purchased from the NES Health Portal (, the NES Desktop software installed on their computer and a username/password provided to them.

Q. Where do the clients get their username and password from when logging in at home?
A. You will need to create this information for them by following these steps. 

  • Log into the NES Health Portal (
  • Select the button named Clients.
  • Click Add New Client
  • Enter all their information including the correct email address and a password
  • Tick the box to automatically email the information to the client
  • The client will then use this information to login once they have downloaded and installed the NES Desktop software

Q. Where can my client download the NES Desktop software from?
A. When you add a client to the NES Portal, they will also be given instructions for downloading the NES Desktop software

Q. How does a client do a remote scan?
A. Once they have downloaded the NES Desktop software, they should plug their scanner or miHealth in, launch the NES Desktop software, select Remote Scan and follow the on screen instructions. The client’s email address and password are linked to your practitioner account. You will therefore be the only person who receives the scan data.

Q. How do I get my client’s remote scan once they have done it?
A. In order to download a client’s remote scan, you will need to open NES ProVision ensuring that you are connected to the Internet on the computer you are using. Once open, click on the Remote Scans button at the bottom of the home screen. NES ProVision will check your account to see if you have any scans ready to download. If you do it will list them. Click on the scan you wish to download and using the options available, select whether you want to download the data into a new or existing client record. If you choose to download into an existing record, select the existing client on your system you wish to use. If downloading a new client, a record will be automatically created from their information entered in the portal (when you added the client). Once either is completed, you will be taken directly to the scan results.

Q. Do I need to be online at the same time as my client when doing a remote scan?
A. No you don’t. The remote scan data is held securely on the NES Health servers until you log in with ProVision and download the information. It works in a very similar way to email. If possible, we would advise making contact with the client prior or ideally during the scan. This can be done via telephone or a Skype type of service. This will create a better connection between the client and practitioner. If you do make contact during the scan, the download process remains the same.

Q. If my client does a remote scan with a NES miHealth, can I add extra functions onto their miHealth?
A. Yes. From the recommendations screen on NES ProVision you will see a symbol of a miHealth device in the top right corner. If you click on this you will be able to select ERs and/or functions which can be added to your client’s miHealth. When added they will appear as a single custom cycle on their device. To add extra functions you will have to buy NES Credits from the NES Health Portal (

Q. What are credits and how do I buy them?
A. If you want to add additional functions onto a client’s miHealth, you will need to purchase NES Credits to do this. In the same way you buy Infoceuticals from NES Health and then sell them to your clients, NES Credits are listed on the NES Portal shop at the practitioner price. You therefore decide how much to charge your clients for additional functions. When purchasing the NES Credits you will be asked which copy of NES ProVision they should be used with by providing a list of licence codes. Your correct licence code can be checked by visiting the Settings section in NES ProVision. NES Credits are sold in bundles to suit your needs.

Once you have purchased your NES Credits in the portal, you will need to open NES ProVision and click on the Software Information tab at the top of the home screen. If this is the first time you have used the credits, you will need to enter the email address and password you use to access the NES Portal. Once logged in, ProVision will show how many credits are available to download. Clicking the Download Credits button will load the credits onto the open copy of ProVision and allow you to use them in the recommendations screen.

Q. How does the client get the additional functions onto their miHealth device?
A. You can either plug your client’s miHealth into your computer and upload the additional functions (if they have visited your clinic) or you can upload the additional functions to the NES Health servers. When your client runs their NES Desktop application from home, they can choose the miHealth Updater function, plug their miHealth in and download the functions you have supplied them.

Q. How long does the cycle with functions remain on the NES miHealth? 
A. The new cycle will remain on the client’s miHealth for as long as you have selected. The longer the cycle is on the miHealth, the more credits are required. 1 x NES Credits provides one week of a cycle on a NES miHealth.

Q. Can a cycle be deleted off a NES miHealth?
A. No not at present. The cycle will only disappear when the time allocated to the cycle has elapsed.